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From the looks of it, you've seen some Rankin Bass cartoons, and were inspired. The background is a beautiful burst of nostalgia for me...

I love Sunset. So much. She's the perfect character when it comes to reformation. To top it off, only somebody who has seen both sides ...

I loved this episode. Out of all the story arcs so far for this Tree Map, this one was the most fun, and creative. As well as Las Pegas...

COOOOKIESSSS! I enjoy how you drew her expression, as it seems like she's horrified at what's happening to her. I also like how how you...

Oh Jowybean, you have yet to draw something uninspiring. Where to begin with this beauty? Ok, let's work our way down. First thing peop...

Based on the different styles, I think you're asking when to use each one. I f you want my opinion, I would use the top one to draw cer...

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Bang bang by ShimmerFur145 Bang bang :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 1 0 Undertale-Human Version by ShimmerFur145 Undertale-Human Version :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 2 0 Changeling BG by ShimmerFur145 Changeling BG :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 0 0 Rainbows by ShimmerFur145 Rainbows :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 1 0
The Art of Giving Gifts
As I was walking down the cold snowy street,
I couldn't help noticing how everyone I'd meet
Was laughing so merrily and would drunkenly say:
“I hope you yourself has a wonderful day.”
With a groan in my throat, and a weight on my chest
I passed by the stores showing the chef’s very best:
Pies, cookies, muffins and quice
Turkey, potatoes, apples, gravy, a feast
I could smell the food cooking and sweetening inside
I thought about stopping, but just passed it on by
I looked up to see a sheet of black ink
Had covered the sky with a moon by the brink
I looked at my watch for time that I had
10 minutes remaining before she'd be mad
While trudging through the snow on the ground
I heard a song play, so suddenly all around
I looked up to see a store front of him,
the jolly man with light bulbs and wires worked in
Who only showed his face once a year, I groaned
Nothing more than a fantasy so our children can own
A five week old toy, or a small game to play
Is this what we want
:iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 1 0
Elements of Harmony (TF2) by ShimmerFur145 Elements of Harmony (TF2) :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 0 0 Frosty Flowers by ShimmerFur145 Frosty Flowers :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 0 0 Sharptooth by ShimmerFur145 Sharptooth :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 0 0 Frosty Rock by ShimmerFur145 Frosty Rock :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 2 0 You're still my Son by ShimmerFur145 You're still my Son :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 3 7 Rosethorn by ShimmerFur145 Rosethorn :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 0 0 Harvest Glow by ShimmerFur145 Harvest Glow :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 0 0 Black Powder by ShimmerFur145 Black Powder :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 0 0 Trigger Warning by ShimmerFur145 Trigger Warning :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 0 0 Mach Feather by ShimmerFur145 Mach Feather :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 1 0 Nostalgia Critic by ShimmerFur145 Nostalgia Critic :iconshimmerfur145:ShimmerFur145 1 3



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Bang bang
This is my one and only ship. No surprises there, if you've seen my fav folder. The song that goes along with this is here:

Enjoy, fellow sailors.
Undertale-Human Version
It's been a while, hasn't it?

This was made with nothing but pencil, ink and new markers. Still worried it didn't render as well as it could have. But I am proud of this piece nonetheless.


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