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Oh Jowybean, you have yet to draw something uninspiring. Where to begin with this beauty? Ok, let's work our way down. First thing people notice is the colors. I always enjoy how you blend colors well, and the picks or Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are no exception. Each car radiates a certain energy and emotion, making Scootaloo's look like fire and passion, Applebloom's being ferocious and flashy like a shooting star, and Sweetie's look like a calm and pristine garden. That's another positive feature, the motion blurs. You see it, as if you're in the car with them. Finally, the older sisters looking like images in the sky, which brings me bac to movie covers like Titanic, Gone with the Wind, or, my favorite from the three, Remember the Titans. It gives a feeling of progression, to show who each of the CMC descend from, an how they will carry their image in this one race. For once, I can't find anything to complain about for this piece. Well done Jowy. Well done.
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